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pH/Alkaline/ORP Boost - Inline Cartridge

$ 49.95
pH/Alkaline/ORP Boost - Inline Cartridge

pH/Alkaline/ORP Boost - Inline Cartridge

$ 49.95

pH/Alkaline/ORP Mineral Booster Cartridge


The AquaLiv pH/Alkaline/ORP inline mineral booster cartridge increases pH naturally by adding the alkaline minerals, Ca, K, Na, and Mg. By popular request, this improved version over our previous model now includes antioxidant ORP boost! (hydrogen)

NOTE: This cartridge is not needed with the AquaLiv Water System Model A305 as it already adjusts pH/Alkalinity. You can add the cartridge if you want even more pH/Alkaline boost or to add antioxidant ORP boost.

Quick Connect Fittings on this cartridge make it a snap to add to any filter system. Simply cut the tubing, insert the ends into the cartridge, and done.

Replace cartridge every 3-6 months for best results. Do not use over 6 months.

NOTE: For use with any AquaLiv Water System, order the version with 3/8" OD connections.




  • 2.5" (D) x 12" (L)
  • Minerals are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for purity and safety.
  • Quick Fit Fittings - Simply push in tubing to connect
  • Maximum Pressure: 125 PSIG
  • Maximum Temperature: 100 F
  • Minimum Temperature: 35 F



  • Install after purification and before AquaLiv Water Revitalizer
  • Remove plugs from cartridge and screw in Quick-Fit Tubing Adapters
  • Ensure direction of water flow matches markings on cartridge
  • After installation, flush system for 10 minutes before use* (for Reverse Osmosis flush, see below note)
  • Allow up to a week of normal use for flavor and pH to stabilize
  • If flavor is ever objectionable, flush system for additional 5 minutes
  • Tubing cuts should be square with the tube and burr-free
  • Messy tubing cuts can damage cartridge o-rings and cause leaks
  • To remove cartridge from tubing, push down on collet (ring surrounding tubing) while simultaneously pulling out on tubing

* REVERSE OSMOSIS: Most RO systems will not flow continuously for the 10 minutes needed for proper flushing. Simply run the RO until it runs out of water, allow it to fill up again, and repeat 5 times over a course of several days. It can take up to one or two weeks for the flavor to improve.