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The AquaLiv Cleanse

a passport to radiant health

Ayurvedic Water Therapy

The AquaLiv Water Cleanse was derived from an ancient Ayurvedic Water Therapy that is believed to have extended lives and cured the diseases of many. It is based on the philosophy that ridding the body of toxins and achieving ideal cellular hydration is paramount to a healthy body and thus long life.

A seven-day program that can be indefinite

The AquaLiv Cleanse goal is seven days. However, many people continue it indefinitely with great success. Only perform the cleanse if you have previously consumed AquaLiv Water for a few days without any signs of detoxification overload or healing crisis. 

AquaLiv Cleanse Instructions

  • Upon waking drink 1 liter (1L) of room temperature AquaLiv Water

  • Consume the entire volume. If you cannot consume the entire volume, wait a few minutes and finish the remainder

  • DO NOT PERFORM THE AQUALIV CLEANSE WITH COLD WATER! If your water is cold, leave it out of the refrigerator and begin your cleanse the following day

  • Do not eat for 60 minutes after consuming your morning liter

  • Drink more AquaLiv Water at your leisure throughout the day. Be sure to consume at least half your body weight in ounces (oz) per day. 1L approximately equals 34oz.

    IMPORTANT: When calculating your daily water intake, count the first liter of AquaLiv Water as only 20oz

  • Do not drink between 30 minutes before eating or 60 minutes after. If you must drink something while eating sip water only, preferably at room temperature.

  • Repeat for 7 days

  • Always use common sense when doing any sort of cleanse or diet plan. If something does not feel right, call a physician immediately

Tips for a better cleanse

  • Rinse your mouth immediately upon waking and before consuming your morning liter

  • You can consume 1.5L instead of 1L of AquaLiv Water in the morning for a more robust cleanse

  • It is easier to consume your morning liter by pouring it directly into the throat bypassing the tongue

  • Take a walk or engage in light exercise or yoga

  • Eat less meat or avoid meat altogether

  • Eat more raw foods like salads

  • Do not combine meats and grains (breads or pastas) in a single meal

  • Do not combine oil/fat and grains (breads or pastas) in a single meal

  • Eat organic

  • Avoid stressful situations

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Be kind to others

  • Be happy. Do things you find enjoyable

Special situations

  • If you are overweight you may need to drink less than prescribed

  • If you exercise, engage in regular strenuous activity, or live in a hot climate you may need to drink more

  • It bears repeating: Always use common sense when doing any sort of cleanse or diet plan. If something does not feel right, call a physician immediately

AquaLiv Water intake formulas (cleanse only)

  • ((your weight in pounds)/2 + 14) = ounces to drink per day

  • ((your weight in pounds)/2 + 14)/34 = liters to drink per day

AquaLiv Water intake formulas (after cleanse)

  • (your weight in pounds)/2 = ounces to drink per day

  • ((your weight in pounds)/2)/34 = liters to drink per day

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