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the best tasting water is now at your kitchen sink


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AquaLiv Water System A305

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Replacement filters only $99 annually. That's just $0.27 per day.

 Only one filter change per year. System purchase includes first year's filters.

Many people don't like the taste of tap water; even with a purifier installed in their home.

The AquaLiv System recreates the dynamics of a mountain spring under the kitchen sink to produce the best-tasting water you've ever had.

AquaLiv Water is purified, alkaline, and mineralized. It's better than health-enhancing bottled waters and available at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike reverse osmosis systems, the AquaLiv Water System wastes no water and never runs out of water.

Improve your health. Protect the environment. Save money.

Choose AquaLiv.

Thousands have already switched to AquaLiv.

Why not experience it for yourself?

Thousands have already switched to AquaLiv. Why not experience it for yourself?

The AquaLiv Life

aqualiv + you

Elevate your coffee and tea to new heights.

AquaLiv is trusted by athletes requiring maximum hydration.

Pets prefer AquaLiv to tap and RO.

AquaLiv is perfect for people of all ages.

Infused AquaLiv is always a crowd pleaser.

Boiled foods retain their nutritional value.

Watch your houseplants thrive with AquaLiv.

Invest in a good water bottle. You'll want to take AquaLiv everywhere.

Soothe your inner foodie. AquaLiv is the fine-wine of waters.

AquaLiv ice cubes make extra-smooth cocktails.

AquaLiv won't dry hands like tap and RO.

AquaLiv takes wellness to another level.

Nature intended for us to drink water with vitality. Water from fast-flowing springs and streams tastes lighter.

The AquaLiv Water System recreates the dynamics of a mountain spring.

The result? The best-tasting water you've ever had.

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